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This page is organized into several sections, beginning with the most important slide rule websites, followed by other slide rule resources, personal collections of slide rules, and places to buy or trade rules. This list is far from complete, however, and I encourage you to explore the further links provided on many of the sites listed below. If you are interested in slide information available in print, including modern publishers, please check out my Slide Rule Books page

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UPDATE - June 15,2008: I no longer actively maintain this site, but keep it up as a resource for others. Although I just revamped the list and removed some out of date links, online links may change frequently. I recommend you use an online search engine to help you stay up to date.

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You've Come a Long Way, Baby ...

The above examples are from the copyright 1938 Slide Rule Practice booklet by W. Stanley & Co. listed on my Slide Rule Books page. It addition to the sexist examples shown above, the book includes problems pertaining to such hefty matters as air conditioning maintenance, Boy Scout tricks, stenographers' needs, and timekeepers and rate-setters applications, among others. Moreover, the book is liberally peppered with such inspirational comments as:

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